If you’re ever in Bangsar Village 1 and craving healthy plant based vegan food, Sprout Fusion is the place to be.

Well, it’s the only place to be in the area as far as I’m aware.

Though the vegan scene in Kuala Lumpur is growing, Bangsar specifically doesn’t seem to have that many vegan-friendly restaurants. So we shall appreciate what’s available at the moment.

Mac No Cheese with Meatless Balls

They’re certainly not pretending to be cheese as the name suggests. If you’re okay with just a subtle cheesy taste unlike ‘real’ cheese, then you probably wouldn’t mind this. I’m personally not a big cheese lover even before I became vegan so this was alright for me.

The meatless balls were decent. I personally like it because you can tell that it’s homemade and not processed. If you don’t mind not having the meaty taste like other plant-based meat out there, then Sprout’s meatless balls would be up your alley.

Overall, taste-wise it’s not bad at all. I felt that it didn’t have much of an oomph to it but probably because I’ve tasted better vegan mac n cheese before. But then again, that’s not what they’re going for as they’re focusing on healthy plant-based food.

I’m not sure if the portion is worth the price though. It’s not too small but I felt it could be slightly bigger for the price. However, I did feel comfortably full. I guess the price is reasonable considering the ingredients used and the location of the restaurant.

What’s in it: Macaroni, Vegan Cheese Sauce, Meatless Balls, Vegan Parmesan

Rating: 5/10

Philly Cheesesteak

I went with a friend and they ordered this. It comes with sweet potato fries which I had a few bites of. The fries were good.

On the website, the Philly Cheesesteak is shown as a sandwich but in real life, it came as a wrap. A small wrap at that. It looked disappointing.

According to said friend, “It’s too sweet with almost no other flavour profile.”

What’s in it: Shaved “Tofusteak”, Vegan Cheese Sauce, Caramelized Onions, Sautéed Mushrooms, Whole Wheat Baguette

Philly Cheesesteak Rating: 4/10

Sweet Potato Fries Rating: 7/10

Oat Coffee Latte

If you don’t fancy a meal, you might just want to get a drink and maybe whip out your laptop to do some work.

I wanted a cup of matcha latte but they didn’t have it at that time. So I had an oat coffee latte instead. It’s a decent cup of coffee. I’m not good at telling the difference between coffee drinks so I’m not going to even attempt to rate this.

The Ambience

Sprout Fusion is not in a shop lot but rather it takes up the space near the bridge linking Bangsar Village 1 and Bangsar Village 2. The restaurant itself is not in a specific shop lot as it adopts an “open” concept. It can get noisy if there are lots of people passing by. And because it’s “open”, it felt a bit hot for me as the A/C is not contained.

I saw a person with a laptop on a high table seat. It’s located near the entrance of the public toilet. It’s not that there was any smell but I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable doing work there when there’s little natural light and people are passing by right in front of me. Just sayin’.

Sprout Fusion for the Health Conscious

Overall, it’s a decent plant based restaurant.

If you’re in the Bangsar area of Kuala Lumpur, it’s worth checking it out.

It might seem overpriced as the portion of some of the dishes is questionable.

I’ve yet to try other dishes like their vegan quiche, waffles and churros so I might visit again.

Also, I’m not sure if all the food is vegan. Most of the dishes are definitely vegan. But it seems on the online menu, the waffles and acai bowls aren’t vegan as they’re not marked with a ‘V’. Maybe they have changed that in their current menu or maybe not. I’ll ask the next time I’m there.

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