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7 Lessons on 7 Months As A Digital Nomad Slow Travelling

I am living the digital nomad dream. My feet have traversed through 6 countries and more than 15 cities. All while working as a freelance writer and not earning a shedload of passive income. Reality is much more challenging than what the dream painted. Of course, I knew this. I...

What I Learned Spending Eid Fitr Alone + Vegan Food

Eid Fitr is the time of year when Muslims celebrate a successful month-long fasting in Ramadan. It’s usually a day or two (or week!) spent with families and friends. My Eid this year was unlike any other; I spent Eid alone in Sheffield, UK. Why Spend Eid Alone No...

Easy Trek At Taman Tugu Trail Kuala Lumpur | VIDEO

Taman Tugu is an easy hike suitable for absolute beginners. It’s also great for just about anyone who wants to enjoy a piece of tropical nature in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. My Taman Tugu Trail Experience Just a week before the second lockdown in Malaysia in 2020, I...

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