There are not many places in Kuala Lumpur, or the Klang Valley for that matter, offering a proper vegan breakfast. Not even the existing vegan cafes as their menu are mostly catered for lunch, dinner and snacks. However, there is at least one cafe that serves a full vegan English breakfast and that is Little Kanteen at Bangsar Shopping Centre.

[UPDATE Dec 2022: Little Kanteen in BSC has permanently closed]

About Little Kanteen

Little Kanteen is a part of the Kanteen group of restaurants that serve Malaysian dishes in a boujee way. They have outlets at Banyan Mont Kiara, Tropicana Avenue, and Bangsar Shopping Centre (BSC). The one that I went to was at BSC and I’m guessing it’s “Little” Kanteen because the menu is limited compared to the other outlets.

Little Kanteen’s Lovely Vegan Breakfast

Let’s cut to the chase. I’m vegan and I don’t care about non-vegan food at this point so this review is particularly about the Vegan Breakfast at Little Kanteen.

It’s essentially a full English breakfast with toast, scrambled tofu, mushrooms, tomato, fresh greens, baked beans, hashbrown and vegan sausage.

The portion is medium, I’d say. If you’re really hungry, this won’t be enough for you. I thought that the mushroom and baked beans portions were a bit too small for me.

Taste-wise though it was perfect. I give them that.

If you don’t mind spending RM28 for a tasty but not very filling vegan breakfast, go for it.

Coffee with Plant Milk

To fill up my belly a bit and as a complement to the Vegan Breakfast, I ordered Biscoff Latte with plant milk. They have a choice of almond, soy or oat milk but it’s an extra RM4. The coffee itself was about RM12.

More Vegan Options Would Be Great

Overall, the Vegan Breakfast and Biscoff Latte were satiating. I personally wouldn’t mind going there again if I’m in the area for a nice Sunday brunch. But I’d probably get bored if they don’t add more vegan options to the menu — mains, snacks and dessert. Veganism is growing all over the world and boujee restaurants in Kuala Lumpur should be the first to step up since they probably have the funds and crowd to do so.

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